November 30, 2009

He's getting good at flirting allready - So proud he is my handsome son!!! Jara's smile and laugh gets us all going every time. I know Jara and Dallin are meant to be bro and sis - just today at dinner Jara was singing some song she made up and Lil' Dallin was laughing the cutest chuckle. It was great. We LOVE Christmastime. We can't wait for all the MAGIC we will have in our home with the kids. Afterall, we are just big kids ourselves!

October 04, 2009

Such a sweetie

Look at that killer smile!

Hunting for Our "GREAT PUMPKIN"

We decided to brave the weather to search for the "Great Pumpkin". This is our 2nd annual visit to the Pumpkin patch. We all enjoyed jumping on the giant pillow, going down the slides, miniature horse rides, corn maze and finally gathering the best looking pumpkins we could find. It became a race against the rain in the end. We got soaked and had a great time! (Baby Rhett was the only dry one to be found) We love Fall! We look forward to dressing up for Halloween. Jara will be Tinkerbell (hopefully my minimal sewing skills won't fail me and she will actually look like Tinkerbell!) We are not sure what everyone else will be, maybe Daddy Rhett will be Peter Pan - I don't know about him in Green Tights though. He DID wear a dress last year (okay a smock) for our Caveman Costumes. I've got to say those were our best costumes yet. We were unrecognizeable!! PRICELESS!

September 30, 2009

I started a fitness challenge on monday. It has been great! I am on team "HOT MOMMIES". Feel free to check out my journal of the experience on

September 26, 2009

Just a little journal entry so to say . . . My life is so blessed as I have my best friend as my husband. We spend a lot of time laughing. Especially lately. Having our newest addition to our family has brought us all closer together. We have a tradition of riding our bikes on the greenbelt every Saturday. Today Jara and Rhett rode together. They enjoyed going "off road" and getting stuck in a sand bar. Jara loves the bike rides and is always telling dad, "go fast" - "dirt road" - "c'mon Mom" or mimicking a man on his cell phone as they ride by, "uh huh oh, O-K by!" Rhett didn't know what she was talking about at first! Boy is she an observant little stinker! Jara is attemping potty training again - this time instead of Poo stars to work for, she earns potty crackers. So far she is motivated - sort-of. Often times I have to PUT her on the potty. Jara is into "The Little Mermaid". She loves to sing with her - which is very interresting. I am afraid to say she has picked up on how to sing from her dad. Of all the times I have sung to her or sing around her, she chooses to sing like her dad. I have some work to do later on!!

Little Rhett has acquired a nickname. "Rock" is now 14.3 pounds!! He has almost doubled his weight! There's no trouble eating for sure! He loves to smile, coos and laughs with ease. He has this amazing 1/2 smile that cracks me up. I think he uses it after he knows his pants are full and will send the rest up his back so he can get another bath. He loves it!! I didn't know there could be such a talent but Rock can do it almost on command.

September 22, 2009

We made DELICIOUS milk chocolate mint cookies and just watch to see what Jara thought of them! SO FUNNY

September 21, 2009

This story has got to go down on the books! Jara has a favorite Blue dress that she loves to wear every day if I'd let her. I can't wash it fast enough. It is getting worn out and one of the buttons fell off. Jara thought the button fit well in many different hiding places - the last one she tried was Dad's ear!! I thought it was funny when Big Rhett came to me with his head sideways asking me to get a button out of his ear. I had to take a picutre first - I have some dental tools here at home that helped me get it out. So far no other foreign objects have been found in any other body opening. We'll see how that goes!

We went camping at the Bruneau Sand Dunes this last weekend - It was a blast! - Jara wants to go camping every day now - She called our tent the "camp house". She loved the campfire, toasting marshmellows, eating banana boats, climbing the sand dunes, and getting dirty. Thank goodness for washing machines!!

September 11, 2009

Jara is our little water bug!
She will play in the water then realize, " uh oh, I wet!"

I am just catching up in posting our events - bear with me - There are so many things I would like to share but they will be out of order! This summer has been the best. This is July 4th at the park downtown - Jara loved getting her face painted and making new friends while waiting in line!