October 04, 2009

Such a sweetie

Look at that killer smile!

Hunting for Our "GREAT PUMPKIN"

We decided to brave the weather to search for the "Great Pumpkin". This is our 2nd annual visit to the Pumpkin patch. We all enjoyed jumping on the giant pillow, going down the slides, miniature horse rides, corn maze and finally gathering the best looking pumpkins we could find. It became a race against the rain in the end. We got soaked and had a great time! (Baby Rhett was the only dry one to be found) We love Fall! We look forward to dressing up for Halloween. Jara will be Tinkerbell (hopefully my minimal sewing skills won't fail me and she will actually look like Tinkerbell!) We are not sure what everyone else will be, maybe Daddy Rhett will be Peter Pan - I don't know about him in Green Tights though. He DID wear a dress last year (okay a smock) for our Caveman Costumes. I've got to say those were our best costumes yet. We were unrecognizeable!! PRICELESS!