September 19, 2010

So this was something a friend talked me into and I was SO GLAD I said yes. It was the most fun race I have done yet. This is the end after we did a 10k (6 ish miles) of running in the mountains, scaling 5 5ft hay bale walls, crawling thru oversized pipes, running thru tires up a hill, jumping over 5 eight to ten foot walls, and a 100 ft long slippy slide. Definately an annual tradition for me!!! Thanks Staci!

July 10, 2010

Jara REALLY enjoyed herself - look, her feet are crossed - a little lady
Our happy family - we had SO MUCH FUN!
The Race is ON!!!!

4th of July Weekend @ Roaring Springs

She couldn't possibly sink!!!!
I don't remember how many times she went down that slide!!!
Rhett is bringing out the daredevil in her as she loved the dark tunnel
Jara says, "Again!! C'mon dad"

July 04, 2010

Me and my little man!!
What! Just teaching my girl how to pose for a picture!!! :D
Look how handsome!!
What a sweetheart!!

April 04, 2010


We chopped our own christmas tree this year. It was a long journey to our BACK YARD. I know, call us crazy! We needed it out anyway and figured the size was just right. Well, the weather indicated the time was right to remove the stump. Notice Jara giving instructions to her dad with her Tinkerbell purse in one hand. She never let go of that purse when helping dig it out. the top picture was actually taken by Jara. She has become our little photographer. She never misses a chance to capture what Dallin is doing. It has gotten a little scary as one day she was taking picutres with the iPhone when I was getting dressed one morning. As a side note, you can't hear a click when those pictures are taken so needless to say I was surprised to see some of the "artistic" pictures on my iPhone. They were quickly deleted. :)



So how did your brackets turn out. We filled them out this year and invited Jara to participate. Click on the video to see who she picked.

November 30, 2009

He's getting good at flirting allready - So proud he is my handsome son!!! Jara's smile and laugh gets us all going every time. I know Jara and Dallin are meant to be bro and sis - just today at dinner Jara was singing some song she made up and Lil' Dallin was laughing the cutest chuckle. It was great. We LOVE Christmastime. We can't wait for all the MAGIC we will have in our home with the kids. Afterall, we are just big kids ourselves!