April 21, 2008

This is the end . . . . I am smiling because I know I am almost done!!
Click this link to see the ending on video, http://www.ktvb.com/video/index.html?nvid=237517
I am after the big guy in the gray T-shirt and Navy blue hat worn backwards. You will see me towards the beginning of the video clip, no more than a minute into it.
Unofficial results are posted at Robie Creek website here is another link to see the time.  You will notice it took me 33 seconds to cross the finish line so subtract that amount from the finish time = Official time      2 hr 28min 3 sec
This is at the beginning . . . . . as you can see I am smiling . . . . .
The Race start! And we're off!!!

April 13, 2008

Just getting caught up on what we have been up to.  Rhett is wrapping up another tax season coming to an end very soon - we are all very excited.  To celebrate, I am running in Robie Creek 1/2 marathon this coming weekend - April 19.  Rhett and Jara are in my cheering section and will enjoy the post run food and festivities.  Then we are off to the Mexican Rivierra on a cruise.  New pics will be posted soon.